Rabu, 02 Mei 2012

TEBLET For PC/Lapotop/Notebook V 1.2

This application is the incorporation of some multimedia applications that allow no one can do aktiftas in software design that mimics the "Tablet" which is the current trend of technology,
This application is intended to help those of you who want to have a tablet but do not have the money but you have a PC / Laptop / Notebook
This application has a media browser that lets you update the status of the foam through via Facebook via Blackberry and Andriod are provided in this application.
Multi-media applications that are available are Mp3 Music Player, Windows Video Player, Recording, and also you can set up some volume to your computer through the application of this


    1. Camera Foto
    2. Video Player
    3. Music Player
    4. Volume Master Setting
    5. Recording Aplication
    6. Update status facebook via blackberry
    7. Update status facebook via Android
    8. Wallpaper Set
    9. Clender
    10. Cloock
    11. Social Network
    12. Web Browser

    Music Player

    Social Network
     Volume Control
     Facebbok status updates via the application
     Camera Capture
     Video Player
     Set Dekstop Tablet Wallpapaer
     Web Browser

    Download this Aplicatio Tablet for PC/Laptop/Notebook

    Source CodeTablet_Dekstop 

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